The Why and the Who

Welcome. This is the site of the Watchkeeper, a name which i’ve chosen because it has echos of a job i’ve done, but also lays out what I intend for this little segment of the Internet.

I’ve made a job, a life, my business of keeping an eye on things. Stuff, things, people, places, events and more. Predominantly these soon-to-be hallowed halls of blogdom will be full of technology comment, as it’s a topic close to my heart, but don’t be shocked if you find social commentary in here too; sometimes, I can’t help myself.

For those technology reviews and comments, I’ll try steer clear of the usual (fairly dull) staple reviews. Un-boxing (blah), statistics (blah) good, bad blah blah blah. Most people don’t want or need that kind of review – i’m going to aim these at the non-tech savvy, the non-enthusiast, and i’m going to (try) write it like you and I are chatting in the pub (or bar, if you are reading this from America).

Hopefully then you’ll be able to a) follow and b) make a proper decision based upon some down to earth facts about how genuinely useful these things are day to day. I won’t be reviewing based upon 48hrs of Home to office to coffee shop to home use, i’ll only put things in here that i’v used for weeks, in situations you buy them for.

Comments are welcome, unless they’re wrong. Kidding…. or am I….